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Pure Fit

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Powerful, long-lasting IPL

Say Hello to Pure Fit, our award-winning IPL which gives you long-lasting hair-free skin in as little as 2 weeks. Pure Fit has three treatment modes which can be useful for particularly sensitive areas and a precision head for treating small areas such as fingers and toes.

  • Clinically proven to deliver up to 99% hair reduction in 12 weeks
  • Full body treatment in 10 minutes
  • Visible results in 2 weeks
  • Super fast with up to 122 flashes per minute
  • No eye protection needed

Fda cleared

Dermatologist approved

Unlimited flashes


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Treatment regime
  • Before you begin the treatment please discontinue all hair removal methods in the treatment area EXCEPT for shaving – including waxing, hair removal creams or chemicals, tweezing and electrolysis. Make sure you shave the area the day before the treatment. Always remember to do a patch test 24 hours before starting treatment.
  • We recommend you treat the area once a week for 12 weeks to catch all the unwanted hair.
  • Switch to maintenance treatments and top-up every 4-8 weeks to remain hair-free.
Technical specifications
  • Max optical output: 3- 6J/cm2
  • Treatment window (inches): 1.2 x 0.4
  • UV filter built-in
  • Optical power: 20 watts
  • Intensity settings: 10
  • Treatment modes: 2 – Glide & Stamp
  • Comfort modes: 3 – Power, Gentle, Speed
  • Wavelength: 510 – 1100nm
  • Pulse Length: 2.0ms
  • Flashes: 66 – 122 flashes per minute
  • Device handset dimensions (L x W x H inches): 8.9 x 2.8 x 1.8
  • Device weight (lbs): 0.6
  • Power pack dimensions (L x W x H inches): 6.2 x 2.8 x 1.2
  • Power pack weight (lbs): 0.7
  • Boxed dimensions (L x W x H inches): 11 x 6.7 x4.3
  • Boxed weight (Ibs): 3.6

Before use

IPL is not suitable for you if:

  • You are pregnant or lactating
  • You have a history of skin cancer of pre-cancerous lesions
  • You skin tone & hair color combination does not match the safe & effective range shown on our suitability charts

IPL cannot be used on areas of the body where you have:

  • Tattoos or permanent makeup
  • Botox or fillers
  • Dark brown or black spots including birthmarks, moles, and freckles
  • A rash, broken skin, a scab, or a healed wound

Tanning & sunburn

  • Do not use if your skin has been artificially or naturally tanned or is burned from sun overexposure as your skin may be extra sensitive.
  • Wait 1 week until sunburn or tan disappears before using SmoothSkin

Advanced features, unrivalled results

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Patented auto skin
tone sensor

Skin tone sensor

Automatically detects your skin tone for safe treatments


Unlimited flashes

So you never run out

3 Comfort

3 Comfort modes

Choose between three comfort modes depending on your needs: power, gentle, & speed


10-Minute treatment

Full body treatment in 10 minutes


Precision adaptor

Easily treat small areas such as fingers & toes

contact system

4-Point contact system

Designed to protect your eyes

Clinical results


Experience long-lasting results with SmoothSkin IPL

Up to 99% hair reduction after 12 weeks

100% of users agreed their skin looks and feels smoother

After 2 weeks
After 4 weeks
After 8 weeks
After 12 weeks

No discomfort, less hair

“Had I known this device existed, I would have purchased years ago! No discomfort, noticeably less hair. Easy, quick, and efficient” – Tara Olivia

Say goodbye to unwanted hair


Follow a step-by-step guide to permanently reduce your hair with Pure Fit.

Will SmoothSkin work for me?


SmoothSkin IPL is most effective when there is a contrast between the skin and hair, meaning it is suitable on most hair colours and all hair types.

IPL isn’t effective on white or grey hair due to lower amounts of melanin, and red hair contains a different type of melanin which isn’t responsive to IPL. It is not suitable for use on deep skin tones or skin rich in melanin. It is possible to see results when treating darker blonde hair, but you may need a few extra treatments to get the same standard of hair reduction.

You can check your suitability for IPL using the chart below.

Pure Fit FAQs

How does Pure Fit work?

Pure Fit uses IPL (intense pulse light) to help break the cycle of hair growth without damaging the skin. Light energy from the device is transferred through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by melanin present in the hair shaft. The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which disables the hair follicle preventing further growth.

Pure Fit also comes with a detachable precision head that is perfect for smaller, tricky areas (like upper lip, fingers, and toes). Using the precision head will slow your device down a little, so we only recommend using when needed, to ensure you get the fastest treatment possible.

Do I need to wear eye protection?

Our devices have been developed with safety at the forefront and are safe to use without the need for eye protection. All our devices have 4 skin contact sensors that ensure the device flashes only when pressed firmly against your skin, never into the air. However, you should never attempt to fire on to or close to the eye itself.

How does the patented auto skin tone sensor work?

Your skin tone varies across your body and so should the intensity level of your IPL device. Our intelligent skin tone sensor continuously reads your skin tone and automatically optimizes the intensity of every flash to your unique skin tone giving you the most effective yet safe results. No need for you to guess what the optimal energy level is, Pure Adapt does it for you. If the intelligent skin tone sensor detects a skin tone that is unsafe for IPL, the device won’t flash.

What is each comfort mode for?

Power Mode is the highest power setting of the device. Power Mode will deliver the best results, as it is using the maximum power output possible for your unique skin tone. This mode works particularly well on stubborn areas where the hair tends to be denser, such as underarms and bikini line.

Gentle Mode can be used on more sensitive areas or if you find Power Mode uncomfortable. Operating the device in Gentle Mode will reduce the power output, and you will notice less Power Bar indicators illuminated when applied to your skin.

Speed Mode is the fastest mode, and therefore the lowest power mode. Speed Mode is best for treating larger areas where the hair is less dense (such as arms or legs), and where you want to move along the treatment area quickly. It can also be used as a maintenance mode, to be used to keep hair regrowth at bay after your initial treatment regime.

Is Pure Fit safe for my skin?

Yes. Our devices are FDA cleared and have been clinically proven to be safe and effective, with over 5,500 treatments performed in clinical trials on different skin tones.

Pure Fit features a patented smart skin sensing technology that protects your skin by continuously reading your unique skin tone and automatically adjusting the energy, accordingly, delivering a safe and effective treatment with every flash. All SmoothSkin devices are compliant with the latest Eye Safety Standards. Our advanced UV filter protects your skin by preventing damaging light to reach your skin with a 3mm glass UV filter.

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Pure Fit Reviews

Where has this product been my whole life?!


Had I known this device existed, I would have purchased years ago! No discomfort, noticeably less hair. Easy, quick and efficient.


Significant hair reduction and quick sessions leave me with smooth skin!


I am still in the middle of using this but so far I am enjoying the results. I have noticed significant hair growth reduction.

This product is easy to use. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. There is very little pain when using, most of the time none at all. Sometimes there is a little zap, but that’s in sensitive skin areas. Sessions are fairly quick since it’s so easy to use. I do not experience any pain after using. I just apply lotion afterwards and my skin is smooth. Would recommend.

Christie R

Innovative and effective, my wife and I love it!


I absolutely love my smoothskin pure fit hair remover! My wife and I have been using it for 6 weeks now and I can really see the results! Thank you for creating such an innovative product.

Matthew Jones

Half way through my treatment period and my hair growth patten has completely changed! I'm so happy


I’m halfway through the 12 week recommended usage cycle and i am starting to notice a difference in my hair growth pattern. So far i am liking the product but certain parts of the body can be more difficult to use than others. For example, if you cant get the smooth skin to lay flat on your skin for whatever reason (bones, anatomy) you have to play around trying to get the white lights to light up so there is definitely a learning curve. Overall, i am very happy with it and will continue using.


My hair never grew back!!


Really easy to use. It can get a little hot so the adapter is a must for sensitive areas. If you use as recommended hair does not come back. Great product!

Abby B